Forex Astrobot is a trading solution that should make us rich people. We are not sure about this at all because it belongs to Rita Lasker who has a horrible reputation. The main statement is that “The most anticipated product for Forex traders!” 

Forex Astrobot presentation

Forex Astrobot: Characteristics

Forex Astrobot: Characteristics

The presentation is wordy as usual, but at the same time, has little information that could describe the system functionality:

  • The robot is a fully automatic trading solution. 
  • The Installation process will take several minutes to deploy the system. 
  • The robot explores the market all day long to find the best Entry Points. 
  • We have a trailing stop loss feature that covers already gained profits. 
  • The robot can “minimize our losses by decreasing the lot size if the market conditions are not stable enough.”
  • We can rely on 24/7 knowledgeable support. 
  • The system has a “unique trading algorithm.” 
  • We haven’t seen details, so we can trust blindly to this statement. 
  • Lot Sizes can be calculated automatically for us by the advisor. 
  • The system waits, so the market conditions match the calculations. 
  • The robot can be used on the MT4 platform. 
  • The balance should be $200 or higher to get started. 
Forex Astrobot: Characteristics

Currency Pairs, Strategy & Timeframe

  • The robot can be Price Action or Trend advisor, or both at the same time. 
  • The time frames to work with are from M15 to H1. 
  • We probably may work with any currency pair. 

Forex Astrobot Trading Performance

Forex Astrobot Trading Performance

It’s how the developer decided to tell us about a backtest that was “performed.” We have no final report that would inform us about the details of the performed test. There is much to discuss like win rate, profit factor, drawdowns, risks, and so on. 

Forex Astrobot Trading Performance
Forex Astrobot Trading Performance
Forex Astrobot Trading Performance

The same we have when we talk about photoshopped screenshots that Rita Lasker introduces, like something viable that was really traded. Alas, it’s not true. All these painted profits didn’t exist. First, we may note nothing is attached to these charts. It can be checked if we look at the top right corner. Usually, robots place an icon there that the system is connected and executes orders. If the system provided these profits, there would be great results on a real account, but we have no them. 

Forex Astrobot trading results

We have a one-year-old “report” that has unverified data about the system and its “performance.” We can’t trust it blindly. If it exists in the “paper version,” there should be an account from where it was downloaded. This is that simple. If we have no verified results from that account, it means all of this is fake, as usual. 

How much does it cost?

Forex Astrobot price

Forex Astrobot’s price is $99 for a real account copy. We have the original price at $328. As soon as 300 copies are sold, the offer turns to $328. We are sure that number will never be reached. The system is sold with a 30-day money-back guarantee. 

Forex Astrobot price

We have an ultimate offer with an ultimate Astrobot for $228 only instead of $757. We can be sure neither about the final price nor about an ultimate version feature. The package includes advanced additional algorithms, profit multiplication mode, ultimate success rate, losing trades filter, 24/7 support, and remote assistance option.

Reviews from customers

Forex Astrobot Reviews from customers

We have severe reviews on the site mentioned. Alas, all of them are fake. There are several reasons. First, they are faceless. Second, they mentioned nothing about pips, profits, win rates, and other details that are usually interesting for traders. Third, these testimonials aren’t doubled on the web on the verification sites. Last, they were sent within a day. 

Should You Use Forex Astrobot?

We have a 30-day money-back guarantee No risk advice shared
No settings explanations provided 
No money-management advice given 
No backtest reports provided 
No real or demo account trading results revealed
No testimonials from clients published 


Forex Astrobot is a robot of Rita Lasker. As soon as you see something designed by her, it’s a scam. As usual, the presentation doesn’t include backtest reports and trading results of these great statements. We aren’t sure that she exists because we have no social network links or a link on an MQL5 profile. We’d like you to avoid this service for the best.