We’d like to introduce to you a brand-new forex robot review. Today’s choice has been set on a robot with a shiny name: Forex Armor. 

“Forex Armor emerged from a solid team that has been developing Forex System and active in the industry since 1995. Our system is certified and widely use by well-established large commercial investment banks as well as professionals, we dedicated to integrity and excellence in profitability and trading consulting.” This is what we know about developers.

forex armor So, the Forex Armor is a fully-automated trading system. The devs provide us the complete lie that the robot can do 20% of the monthly gain. We know it’s impossible without trading with high risks. The fx robot has got no brokerage company restrictions. We’re suggested to provide a login and pass if we need some help with installation software. 

Forex Armor Features

forex armor specification

How we can see, the robot has been developed to work in a very aggressive market environment like news, volatility, trends. The strategy is based on a combination of several ones like a grid, hedging, choice the safe martingale. The preferable currency pairs to work with are EUR/USD, GBP/JPY on V1(H1-H4), V2 (M5) time frames. The leverage should be set between 1:100 and 1:500. There are two speeds of trading V1 ($300/0.01) and V2 – $10000. As you can see, depends on the amount of money different strategies work.

Trading Performance

Devs provided us the data from the two accounts. Both of them are stopped.

forex armor chart This one is real USD Cent one. It has run from March to September 2019. During the period, Forex Armor managed to get +77.93% of the gain, providing monthly profit at the level of 9.44%. The account has been funded for $2000 cents. 

forex armor advanced statistics There have been performed 37 trades (750 pips). The long won win rate is 66%, shorts won one is 90%. The profit factor is very high and equals 6.40. The average trade length is 3 days.

forex armor advanced statistics As we can see, the robot has got a very solid win rate on the EUR/USD currency pair. 

forex armor advanced statistics Forex Armor ran with very low-risk trading. 

forex armor monthly analytics

The marketing period of the robot ended and it’s been stopped.


forex armor pricing The Economy Class package costs $1000 including $100 off. It includes a 1-year license, 1 live account, 1 demo account, and support for free. The Business Class one costs $1300 including $200 off. It includes a lifetime license, and the rest is the same. The First Class one costs $1600 ($400 off) and includes 3 live accounts and free system updates in addition to other features.

There’s a very solid list of “trusted by” companies

forex armor trusted by but they provide the location without an office or number of a building.

forex armor location


We don’t know for sure. Forex Armor has been a very good robot for sure. Some of its trading months looked amazing, These times have been gone because devs decided to stops running the robot on all their accounts. It’s probably the reason for providing the sale for all of the packages. If you want to try it, so it’s up to you, but it doesn’t matter which package we look at they cost so much! As you could notice, there was any money-back guarantee period.