Ford has made safety recalls in North America to replace driver-side Takata airbags, according to Yahoo! finance. The first recall consists of about 2.6 million cars, SUVs, and trucks in the U.S and its territories, 274,737 in Canada, and 46,078 in Mexico.

Ford issued a second recall to recover tires cured beyond specification by the supplier, Continental Tire of America.

Ford’s announcement comes after the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration denied the company’s January petition to exempt several models from the recall process.

The driver-side front airbag inflators are said to contain a calcium sulfate desiccant, which may degrade after long-term exposure to high humidity, subjecting the inflators to injurious rapture.

Ford is not aware of any reports of inflator rapture as the said Takata airbag parts contain a moisture absorbing desiccant and perform differently. 

The carmaker had argued that a safety recall is not warranted for the driver-side airbag.

Owner notifications for the first recall are expected to begin from the first week of April, while those for the second recall will start during the week of March 29.Ford stock is currently declining. F: NYSE is down 0.98% on premarket.