Ford Motor reported that US sales plunged by 25.6% to 159,328 vehicles in March, according to a press release by Ford on Monday.

  • Truck sales plunged 34.4% year over year to 74,420 units. Car sales plunged 67% year-over to 3,628 units. Meanwhile, electrified vehicle sales rose 16.9% YoY to 13,772 units in March.
  • In March, improvement in production and inventory started to increase sales. Ford’s retail sales jumped 23.2 percent over February.
  • Ford dealers took more orders in March at 88,000 orders, an increase from 66,000 March last year.
  • F-Series reported a record 50,000 retail orders in March, an increase from 38,000 last year. F-Series in-transit inventory grew 127% over February and 66.1% over the year.

Mustang Mach-E sales rose 18.1% in March from February, with overall sales of the Mustang family, Mach-E and Mustang, amounting to 5,978. F: NYSE is down -0.27%