Ford Motor reports best-ever sales for fully electric vehicles, just behind Tesla for 2021, according to a news release by Ford Motor on Wednesday.

  • Ford is heading into 2022 with strong electric vehicle momentum as customer deliveries for both F-150 Lightning, and E-Transit are set to start, further expanding Ford’s EV market share.
  • The carmaker’s electrified vehicles expanded by 36% faster than the segment overall in 2021, while posting new sales records in December and for the full year 2021.
  • Ford made sales of 12,284 electrified vehicles in December, a massive increase of 121% from last year, and expanding more than four times.
  • In Q4, Ford was the best-selling automaker, selling 508,451 units, a 26.8% increase over Q3 compared to the overall industry.

Ford heads into 2022 with 247,000 vehicles in stock, 22,000 more than November, and the best stock position in the industry. F up +1.32%