Finland has suspended the inoculation of Moderna’s COVID-19 vaccine to younger males following reports of a rare cardiovascular side effect, Reuters reported.

  • Finnish health institute director Mika Salminen said the country would instead focus on Pfizer’s vaccine to men born in 1991 and later, with the country now offering jabs to individuals aged 12 and over.
  • The suspension comes after a Nordic study found that men under the age of 30 who received Moderna’s vaccine had a slightly higher risk of developing myocarditis than others.
  • Finnish officials said the study would be released within a couple of weeks, and preliminary data had already been submitted for further assessment to the European Medicines Agency.
  • A spokesperson for Moderna said the cases are typically mild, and individuals tend to recover shortly after standard treatment and rest. The myocarditis risk is substantially higher for those who contract COVID-19.

Swedish and Danish officials earlier announced the pause of the Moderna vaccine for all young adults and children due to the same study. MRNA is up 2.79%.