Virgin Galactic has been cleared to fly again by the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) after an anomaly on its previous flight, according to a report by Galactic on Wednesday.

  • The agency launched an investigation into the space company’s first crewed flight after it fell below its approved trajectory.
  • The FAA found out that the SpaceShip Two Unity craft had deviated from its allocated airspace for a minute and 41 seconds and failed to disclose the error as required.
  • The space regulator accepted Virgin Galactic’s proposal to expand the protected airspace for a wider range of possible trajectories and to communicate with air traffic control in real-time in space flights.
  • Virgin Galactic CEO Michael Colglazier stated that the changes to the company’s airspace and real-time mission notification policies will strengthen preparations as they move closer to the commercial launch of the space flight experience.

After getting a flight clearance again, Virgin Galactic might fly its next mission in mid-October, possibly with members of the Italian Air Force. SPCE down 3.55%