Chronicle has launched as a new marketplace for non-fungible tokens, touting itself as a platform fully accessible even for beginners, Bitcoinist reported.

  • Chronicle allows users to buy, sell, mint, trade, and gift certified NFTs from brands across the globe, with transactions accepted via the US dollar and its crypto variant USDT. 
  • The platform will be deployed on proof-of-stake algorithm blockchains, which are said to be cheaper, faster, and sustainable as they have a smaller carbon impact versus other platforms, such as Ethereum, that utilize proof-of-work.
  • Chronicle tapped the NEAR Protocol as its partner, with the network aiming for carbon neutrality through tree-planting activities across the globe. Its Aurora Ethereum Virtual Network will serve as the infrastructure backbone. 
  • Chronicle will also provide such services as its Chronicle Store, NFT services, Chronicle Marketplace, and Premium NFT auctions which will link users to their favorite brands.

Initiatives of the platform are powered by its ERC20 XNL token, with a total of 100 million XNL.