Facebook Chief Technology Officer Mike Schroepfer has announced that he will step down from the role next year, according to a report by TechCrunch on Wednesday.

  • He will be replaced in the role by long-term executive Andrew Bosworth who recently oversaw the company’ Facebook Reality Labs. Bosworth will continue to lead the AR/VR organization in his new role.
  • In a note in the company’s newsroom, CEO Mark Zuckerberg hailed Schrep for his extraordinary contributions to the company for more than 13 years. He recognized his role in building and scaling teams to mentoring key leaders as well as helping to develop new technologies.
  • Schroepfer joined the social media giant in August of 2008, a time when Facebook was valued at $15 billion, but soon the company encountered a tougher investment environment during the recession.

Schroepfer’s long standing career at Facebook has been largely marked by the company’s embrace of artificial intelligence and the algorithmic news feed that promotes content to users depending on their interests. FB down -3.99%