Facebook on Wednesday ran newspaper ads, published a new website, and ran blog posts opposing Apple upcoming privacy change, according to CNBC. Facebook accuses Apple of moving the free, ad-supported internet into paid apps and services.

  • Apple is expected to make a change to settings on users’ iPhones that will alter the way mobile advertising works on the devices.
  • Facebook claims Apple’s move will threaten personalized ads that millions of small businesses rely on to find and reach customers
  • Facebook’s Wednesday ads introduced a new page for business owners speaking against the Apple’s change
  • Apple has defended itself saying it is standing up for its users who should know when their data is collected and shared across apps and websites and decide whether to allow it or not.

Apple and Facebook stocks are currently gaining. AAPL: NASDAQ is up 0.53% on premarket, FB: NASDAQ is up 0.48% on premarket.