French investment firm Melanion Capital partners with index platform Bita to launch the Melanion Bitcoin Exposure Index, according to a report by CoinTelegraph on Friday.

  • The index will track a beta-weighted equities basket indicating the highest correlation and revenue exposure to BTC to track the performance of BTC in a traditional investment fund format.
  • Melanion Bitcoin Exposure Index is established to provide investors with daily price movements of BTC via a diversified basket of equities that meets the normal fund standards.
  • The BTC measurement exposure index will help banks and asset managers to provide Bitcoin exposure to their clients in various investment categories in a European regulation compliant format.
  • Using EU and North America-based companies operating in the crypto ecosystem, the index will constitute 30 companies that are highly correlated to Bitcoin.

Melanion Capital president Jad Comair stated that the BTC exposure index bridges the gap between Bitcoin and EU regulation. The index will provide diversified asset allocation options to investors. BTC USD down -5.18%