Euro Master is a fully-automated Forex EA that trades in the EUR/USD pair with the help of Artificial Intelligence (AI) technology. It was launched on 6th November 2020 by Stanislav Tomilov, a Russian trader who has developed systems like Firestarter, Aura Gold, Aura Turbo, and Trust Trader in the past. Stanslav says that Euro Marter avoids risky strategies while delivering stable profits and is suitable for all broker conditions.

Euro Master: Characteristics

Euro Master manages to locate the best entry points in the Forex market with the help of AI technology. Its algorithm is designed to adapt itself to changing market conditions, which means that this Forex EA is always improving itself. You don’t need to add labeled input/output pairs or correct the sub-optimal actions manually since the machine learning is reinforced into the system.

The vendor recommends to start with a balance of $100. Take profits and stop losses are used for all trading positions and there are several settings you can modify, such as start hour and start minute for opening trades, fixed lot, the magic number, trailing start, trailing from, trailing step, etc. 

Currency Pairs, Strategy, & Timeframe

The vendor does not provide us with any explanation of the strategy used by the Euro Master Forex robot. It trades the EUR/USD pair on the M5 timeframe, but we have no idea how these trades are carried out. Although the vendor claims that the robot does not use risky strategies like grid, hedge, or martingale, he should have provided more details about how the system identifies profitable trades.

Many Forex traders look for some insight into the trading strategy, as it tells them whether the system can survive adverse market periods. Some of them might be disappointed by the total lack of technical information regarding the strategy.

Euro Master Trading Performance

Euro Master Trading Performance
Euro Master Trading Performance

Here we have the backtesting data for the low-risk setting. The test was carried out from 2004 to 2020, and we can see that a profit of $2932696.03 was generated from an initial deposit of $1000. A total of 2984 trades were conducted during this period, out of which 99.46% was won by Euro Master.

From the backtesting data, we can see that the Forex EA won 99.44% of short positions and 99.49% of long positions. It managed to secure 175 consecutive wins while only suffering from 1 consecutive loss. Moreover, it had a low relative drawdown of 24.33% and an incredibly high profit factor of 22. 

Euro Master Myfxbook

Although the vendor has not provided the live trading results on the MQL5 page, we managed to find a live trading account of Euro Master that has been verified independently by Myfxbook. The results are not too impressive, however, as we can see that the system has not generated an overall profit, rather suffering a loss of $178.84.

Only 15 trades have been placed through this account, and although 80% of these have been won, the 3 losses suffered were large enough to prevent an overall profit. On 24th February 2021, Euro Master carried out a trade that resulted in 21.37% of its account being drained. Currently, it has a low profit factor of 0.35 and a high drawdown of 58.97%.

In spite of the sample size being small, we can see that Euro Master EA uses a risky strategy that can lead to big losses. Compared to the backtesting data, the trading results do not look impressive at all.

How Much Does it Cost?

Euro Master can be purchased for $499, but a rent option is also available where you can use the system for one whole year by paying only $299. The vendor claims that only 2 copies are remaining at this price, and after that, it will be increased to $599. This is quite an exorbitant price for a newly-released Forex EA, and we think this is a strategy used by the vendor for luring in new customers.

Reviews from Customers

After consulting several websites like Quora, Myfxbook, and others, we couldn’t find any user reviews for Euro Master. Since it has only been trading live for a short while, it is natural that most traders are wary about investing in this system. 

Should You Use Euro Master Robot?

Live trading results availableHuge losses seen in live trading results
Backtesting results providedNo details provided about the trading strategy
New product with a high price and no customer reviews


In the end, we would like to say that Euro Master is not worth your money. It is a new Forex EA with a short trading history showing large losses. Furthermore, the vendor hasn’t provided us with an explanation about the trading strategy used by the robot. We simply cannot trust in a system that has such a high price tag and little proof to show for its success.