Euro Hedge trading system trades on GBPUSD, EURUSD, using a combo of martingale, hedging, pyramiding and averaging strategies. The algorithm is available at the MQL 5 marketplace, where traders can purchase it for $349. Through deep analysis, we will cover all the critical aspects of the expert advisor and see if traders can benefit after using the robot.

Euro Hedge: characteristics

To start trading with this EA you have to follow the next steps:

  1. Purchase the system from MQL 5 and log in on the MQL 5 marketplace on the MT 5 platform
  2. Download the expert and enable live trading. After that, attach the robot to the charts.


The EA has the following features:

  • It has risk management settings that traders can use to adjust the lot size.
  • Traders can control the times where the robot will trade.
  • The robot has drawdown management that stops trading when an account reaches a certain loss.
  • There are multiple settings that can be tweaked to increase or decrease the output of the system.

Currency pairs, strategy, and time frame

The robot uses grid, martingale and hedging strategies on EURUSD, GBPUSD and gold. There are also options to implement anti martingale and pyramiding schemes on the charts. The algorithm can be tweaked to control the drawdown and use a specific game plan. For example, traders can enable the use of trailing stops with a grid structure and enable a lot size multiplier.

Unfortunately, there are no live records available on the website that we could use to analyze the system’s history ourselves.

Euro Hedge trading performance

The developer does not share the backtesting records of the system. There is only an image that shows an upward curve with frequent drops in equity. The testing is done on EURUSD at the H1 chart and GBPUSD. Without performance statistics, we are not sure if the robot will work on a live account. The drawdown value and the net profit are important figures that traders should have access to in historical testing.

The backtesting records.

The developer does not share the live trading records, which raises concerns about the system’s performance. Without any good results to show, we can not use a robot that employs martingale and grid on our portfolio. This type of EA can result in a margin call when the market trends extensively in one direction. Traders should avoid using the expert advisor.

How much does it cost?

The rot is available for an asking price of $349 for one account where a trader logs in. There is no money-back guarantee as per the rules of MQL 5 marketplace. Traders can also rent it for $99 and $199.

The pricing model of the robot.

Reviews from customers

Customer reviews are only available at the MQL 5 marketplace, where a trader says that he received a margin call several times on their account after using the system. He says that he has contacted the author, and after receiving some information, the robot is being tested again.

A customer review at MQL 5.

Should you use Euro Hedge EA?

Euro Hedge trading robot uses dangerous strategies to trade the markets, which makes it an unfavorable option for trading. We can not recommend using such a system as it can incur a margin call on your account.

Multiple subscription optionsGrid and martingale strategies are in use
It does not provide backtesting results
The asking price is high


Euro Hedge trading robot is not a good choice for traders as it can not provide satisfactory and backtesting results. Reviews state that the algorithm can cause a margin call on the account.