Investors eye a new all-time high of ethereum after a recent correction failed to break below $ 900. The investors project if the correction has ended, ethereum will enter a new impulse wave propelling it to new highs.

  • Investors see the $850 to $925 area as the support for ethereum since it is confluent with the previous resistance point set in 2018’s price rally
  • Etherium saw a drop of 32% with the sentiment flipping from euphoria to depression and back again, but investors still see a bull market even if another correction occurs
  • Using the Fibonacci retracement levels, ethereum is estimated to have corrected at the 0.35-0.385, the level often used by traders to anticipate corrections
  • Focus now shifts to a potential breakout above the recent high of $1,350, which will signal a continuation of the rally
  • Currently, ETH is making higher lows and flipping previous resistance levels for support which strengthens the bullish view
  • Investors are likely to set new targets at the recent all-time high of 2017 at around $1,420, and further upsides at $1,600, $1,650, $2,050 to $2,100
  • Investors see an alternative possibility that ether will see sideways action and retest the $900 before further moves

Etherium is currently gaining. ETHUSD is up 1.18%