Ethereum unveils its Kintsugi testnet, the latest move toward replacing its proof-of-work consensus platform with proof-of-stake, according to a report by Crypto Briefing on Tuesday.

  • Tim Beiko, an Ethereum Foundation member, posted today that the Kintsugi testnet was now live. 
  • Even though only minimal changes will occur for app developers, they are encouraged to use the testnet.
  • In the announcement, Beiko stated that the Kintsugi testnet provides the community with an opportunity to pilot with post-merge Ethereum and start to identify any issues.
  • Kintsugi prepares for Ethereum 2.0’s merge. The merge will integrate Ethereum’s current mainnet that handles transactions with Ethereum 2.0’s beacon chain that handles staking.

If the merge is successful, it will replace Ethereum’s proof-of-work Consensus process with proof-of-stake that ends the energy-intensive process of mining. ETH USD up +5.53%