ECB has bought 2.31 trillion worth of bonds in the public sector purchase program as of October 23rd compared to 2.30 trillion previous week, according to the European Central Bank press release. The market operations are meant to manage liquidity situation and signal monetary stance in the euro area.

  • ECB’s bond buys to run at 20 billion euros per month and additional 120 billion euros a month under the latest quantitative easing (QE) program until the end of 2020
  • Total asset-backed securities purchases programme (ABSPP) to date is now 29.2 billion, down from 29.4 billion euros the prior month. 
  • ECB has so far purchased 287.4 billion euros under its covered bond purchase program 3 (CBPP3), up from 286.7 billion euros the prior month
  • ECB has so far purchased 241.5 billion euros under its corporate sector purchase program, up from 239.3 billion euros the prior month
  • ECB has purchased 616.9 billion euros under its Pandemic Emergency Purchase program (PEPP), up from 600.6 billion euros the prior month
  • ECB raised the size of bond purchases from 750 billion euros to 1.35 trillion euros in June 2020

  Euro is declining against the dollar. EURUSD is down 0.30%