Dynamic EA is a Forex ATS, developed and sold by the Celestial Trading Tools team. Similarly, to the other EAs available in the Forex market, this one also analyzes the market and decides when to buy and sell a currency. The devs claim that Dynamic EA is ‘equally productive for seasoned traders and newbies’. They believe their robot can provide consistent returns on investment without any human intervention needed.

In today’s Dynamic EA review, we will be analyzing this Forex tool, its strengths and weaknesses to decide whether it is a good offer for the price it sold to the public.

Dynamic EA: Characteristics

The presentation of Dynamic EA is very brief and does not represent all the necessary information about the product. The devs of this automated software point out the next features of Dynamic EA:

  • It was designed to trade 100% automatically for us
  • The EA runs 24/5, from Monday to Friday
  • It has a built-in money management system
  • This FX ATS  comes with optimized default settings and dedicated customer support
  • The robot has been in testing for 1 year
  • After a throughout backtesting of the system, the EA demonstrated its reliability and consistency
  • The devs claim the EA has been providing returns of over +220% ROI since September 16, 2019
  • To trade this EA no prior experience is needed
  • The robot is easy to set up and install
Dynamic EA: Characteristics

Currency Pairs, Strategy & Timeframe

The devs provided very little information about the trading strategy behind this FX tool:

  • It has automated SL, Trailing Stop Loss, and TP
  • The robot waits for breakout and trades the continuation
  • The expert advisor trades only 5 currency pairs, including EUR/USD, USD/CHF, GBP/USD, EUR/JPY, and NZD/USD
  • The recommended lot size is 0.01 per £1,000
  • The minimum deposit is £1,200 or $1690
Dynamic EA. A closer look at the currency pairs

Dynamic EA Trading Performance

That is all the dev decided to share with us. The dev decided to share a simple screenshot of their results and named it a backtesting report of Dynamic EA. From the screenshot below, we can see that the test started in September 2019 and ended in October 2020. For this period the robot has got a high ROI of +200% that looks impressive. The highest equity growth was in October, May, and July 2020. Frankly saying, we do not trust the results we see on their website, Firstly, they cannot be verified. Secondly, the image is unlikable and thus the trading results can easily be manipulated and photoshopped to attract the attention of potential customers.

Dynamic EA trading results

We have a better picture of the live trading results of the robot, as the devs shared a link to a live trading account verified by myfxbook.com.

This trading account was created on August 25, 2020. Deposit, balance, withdrawals, and profit-related details are hidden from us by the developer. This does cause some transparency issues, and we can not think of any good reason why the developer of a reputable expert advisor decided to hide these numbers.

Dynamic EA Myfxbook

For 9 months of trading activity, the EA has traded 956 trades with 2836,7 pips. The total gain reached 62, 17%, when daily and monthly gains have grown to 0,18% and 5, 59% respectively.  The peak drawdown was low – 9, 28%. As you can see, the account has a moderate win rate of 62%, meaning that only 588 out of all trades were won. The average loss in pips (-16.80 pips) is almost the same as the average win (15.34 pips). The profit factor is high – 2.01. The robot trades 5 currency pairs with low risks to the account balance.

Dynamic EA advanced statistics
Dynamic EA trading results

Because of the hidden trading history data, we cannot analyze the trading strategy or strategies behind the robot.

Dynamic EA trading history

How much does it cost?

Dynamic EA is available for a monthly subscription plan, – £15/month or $21/month. The package includes an opportunity to trade 5 currency pairs, 24/5 trading, and fully automated trading without any need for human interference.

Dynamic EA price

The devs do not include a money-back guarantee in the package.

Reviews from customers

Unfortunately, we couldn’t find any customer reviews on popular review websites, like Quora, Trustpilot, myfxbook, or Forex Peace Army. This makes us think that the robot does not have much of a reputation and trust among FX traders.

Should You Use Dynamic EA?

Low pricingHigh deposit requirement
Verified trading resultsNo setting details provided
 Undisclosed trading strategy
 No backtest report provided
 Lack of vendor transparency
 Hidden trading activity data
 No customer reviews
 No money-back-guarantee provided


There are many drawbacks behind this EA that do not allow us to say that this FX trading tool is a worthwhile investment solution. One of the main reasons is the undisclosed trading approach and methodology, absence of customer reviews, backtesting reports, and money refund policy. Secondly, hidden trading history raises too many questions about the system’s reliability. We do not trust Dynamic EA and won’t recommend it to the other traders.