Although there are numerous ATS offered on the mql5 market, we have dozens of new ones appearing daily. DSC Price Action is one of them, fighting for a place under the sun.

Published a year ago, on June 11, 2020, this expert advisor had 502 demo downloads. There were 5 activations of the system and the recent update to a 1.7 version took place on June 8, 2021. The system has got a 5-star rating based on 4 people’s testimonials. Each of them claims that the system is a ‘profitable’ trading solution. Although it sounds good, we cannot recommend this EA without a detailed and unbiased analysis of its trading algorithm, efficacy, price, features and trading strategies applied.

DSC Price Action: Characteristics

The developer of this MT5 tool is Diogo Sawitzki Cansi from Brazil. He has over 5 years of trading experience. The vendor claims he has 9 products, and has 20 signals in his portfolio (on the mql5 market we see only 13 signals). Diogo has a 3.6 out of 5-star rating based on 38 reviews written by his customers. There is not an official website for DSC Price Action. It is sold on mql5 only. 

The key features of DCS Price Action robot are:

  • It can trade fully automatically on the MT5 terminal
  • The robot was optimized for trading  EURUSD pair
  • It can run on the M5 timeframe under the Hedge account
  • Many Hedge accounts, especially with Martingale, were ruined
  • To run the backtest correctly, we have to download the set’s on our drive
  • The developer pushes his referral links to make extra money from us
  • He recommends us XM or ICMarkets brokerages
  • To adjust the EA correctly we have to  open an affiliate account and contact them by email at [email protected]
  • They provide us with a link to the live trading results
  • We can get in touch with support via their email or WhatsApp

Currency Pairs, Strategy & Timeframe

The robot executes the Price Action strategy. The supportive strategy is Hedging. All traders know that using Price action and Hedge trading approaches are risky.

DSC Price Action Trading Performance

Here we have a backtest report performed for EUR/USD currency on M5 timeframe. We neither know when the test started nor when it ended. With a deposit of $250, the robot could generate $112442 of profit. The history quality was 99%. There were 101068 bars in the test. The profit factor was 6.89. There were 189 deals traded with 100% of the win rate for both Long and Short trading positions.

DSC Price Action Backtests

The dev has provided a link to the live trading results of DSC Price Action signal. The account was created on June 12, 2020. It has been trading for 151 days. It trades under XMGlobal brokerage. The leverage used is 1:200. Being deposited at 1 895 dollars, the system could bring $1 047 of income. A trader withdrew 2 330 dollars from this trading account. Now, the balance equals $662.

DSC Price Action trading results

The maximum drawdown is 82.9%. The maximum deposit load is 23.3%. The win rate is insanely high – 6 244%. The signals have medium reliability and cost $30 monthly or 1 USD per day.

Out of 302 trades traded, 246 were winning ones, which represents an average win rate of 81, 45%. The recovery factor is 2,71. An average loss is 3 times higher than the average win: -$24,27 and $9, 78 respectively.  

DSC Price Action trading results

Trading results we have this year do not look as impressive as the ones we can see in 2020:

DSC Price Action trading results

The system can increase the Lot size from 0, 08 to 0, 33. It means that the system uses the Martingale trading approach. We do not know how and when the system decides when it’s time to increase lot size. This info is also missed on the sale page of the product.

DSC Price Action trading results

The system used to trade with high drawdowns:

DSC Price Action drawdown

How much does it cost?

The EA is sold for $499 on the MQL5 market. The dev wants us to know that only 10 copies are left for this price. The next price will be $999. Traders can also rent this EA for $99 a month. We can also test the system on a free demo account. As usual, a money-back guarantee is missed. Offering an advisor for $500 and then increasing its price to $1000 without a money refund is madness! Nobody will invest in this suspicious and scam-like product.

Reviews from customers

There are 4 customer reviews and all of them are positive. We have some concerns about their trustworthiness. It looks like the dev could easily manipulate or buy them to attract new customers:

DSC Price Action Reviews from customers

Neither FPA, TrustPilot nor myfxbook knows about this EA.

Should You Use a DSC Price Action Robot?

Backtest report providedMartingale on the board
A free demo account is offeredNo settings explanations provided
Affordable pricing for signalsExtremely high pricing
 No money refund provided
 Fake customer reviews


DSC Price Action is a robot that trades EUR/USD on the MT 5 platform. It uses the Martingale trading approach. The system trades with an insanely high win rate and a high drawdown. This risky trading approach can easily ruin any trading account. None of the reputable third-party websites like Forex Peace Army, Trustpilot, or myfxbook knows about this Forex robot. DSC Price Action is an overpriced EA. We do not think it is worth the $500 it is sold for.