The Drug Enforcement Administration is looking to boost marijuana production in a bid to assist in the development of new therapeutic medications, Marijuana Movement reported.

  • A draft notice indicates that the DEA is pushing for a significant increase in the manufacturing of marijuana and psilocybin amid increased interest in hallucinogenic controlled substances for research and clinical trial purposes.
  • The agency plans to boost marijuana production by 2 million grams or 4,400 pounds this year, 500,000 grams higher than its initial quota for 2021. It also plans to more than double its original quota of cannabis extract to 500,000 grams.
  • The DEA said the quota increases reflect the need for research on the development of new drug products, along with the study on the effects of marijuana. The latest notice takes a more progressive stance on the possible therapeutic properties of marijuana.

Interest parties are given 30 days to comment on the proposed production quotas. The notice is scheduled to be formally published on Thursday. POTX is down 0.71%, while MSOS is down 0.54%.