Today we would like to tell you about the Dragon Expert robot. Going to the official website of the devs, we see a presentation in bright colors that just leaves your eyes out. The use of that color scheme is not the best option for a serious and business presentation. The title thesis also raises great doubts. They’re about that Dragon Expert is dominating the charts now. After that, we are guaranteed, in case of using the robot, 70-100% account growth per month.

What is Dragon Expert FX

Dragon Expert got some features which should us bring to success: good trading strategy, default optimization settings, Money management like a stop-loss system, advanced pairs detection, realtime broker shield that prevents the broker to trade against you, undetectable robot trade allows us to be treated as a human from the broker side.

The presentation ends with FAQs, contacts, and about us. So, about them. How they said they kinda group of traders and devs who decide to share their algorithms and trading experience with everyone.

Dragon Expert Trading Strategies 

The fx robot has got a “legendary trading strategy,” according to the seller? and “advance correlation algorithm”. The time management allows us to start and finish trading with any of the markets we want: London, NYC, Australia, Asia markets. 

Trading results

All three suggest accounts are demo ones. 

dragon expert myfxbook

Let’s check one of them. The forex robot on the account 1 trades through IC Markets brokerage company with 1:500 leverage on the MetaTrader 4 platform. During two month Dragon Expert robot has got incredible results. The daily gain is 1.49%, monthly one 55.36% with high drawdowns 35%. It’s not 70-110% of the gain they’ve suggested, but still jolly good.

The first deposit has been $5000 and the total profit after two months of running is $6296.

dragon expert trading results

The results look good as for the brand-new robot.

dragon expert advanced statistics

During the period, have been traded 3604 trades with (550 pips). The longs won rate is 63%, shorts one is 59%. The average trade length is five hours and a half. The profit factor is high enough as well (1.91).

dragon expert currency pairs

The robot runs three currency pairs GBP/JPY, GBP/USD, USD/JPY.

dragon expert monthly analytics

The trade proportions for every month are the same. If you avoid trading USD/JPY pair the robot could be useful for you.

dragon expert accounts

Two other accounts have been running since July 2019 and show almost the same result, as well as, profitability.

Offered Plans

The main version of Dragon Expert is free to download.

dragon expert pricing The first license costs $200 and includes 1 real account. For $400 we’ve got 10 real account license, for $1500 unlimited real account license. They do not provide any kind of money-back-guarantee policy, so “buying” looks like “donating”. As well, devs don’t sell the robot through any of the well-known trading robot platforms.

What else you should know about Dragon Expert

The robot is new. It started working from the end of July 2019, so there can be everything in the next half of a year.


Dragon Expert shows good results on the demo account. But we don’t know why is there any real reason for devs to make the money by their own via trading on the real account. You sell some copies, you open real USD account and trade, why not if your patterns are good as that? Who’d like to decline +100% of monthly gain? They don’t provide you a money-back-guarantee option because it doesn’t look like the selling of the robot. If you still want to try it, go ahead, there’s a free-to-download version.