Trading in commodity futures, as well as commission futures, entails massive risks without promising any guaranteed profits. Likewise, there is, in fact, a possibility of attaining great rewards and profits too. As an investor/trader, you need to understand your susceptibility to said risks and, thus, be willing to accept them to enable your trading of options and futures. This disclaimer is in no way a call nor an invitation to engage in the buying and selling of futures and options. Do not invest any such savings that can result in serious financial implications for you in the case of potential losses. None of the data made available on the website is suggestive of profits or losses for any account, and the information about the past performance of trading processes does not predict set similarities for the future.

CFTC RULE 4.41: Contrary to real-life performance records, simulated results or those stemming from hypotheses are subjected to an array of limitations. Because they are conducted within a controlled environment, they do not mimic actual performance results. Similarly, as no real trades have been implemented, the results may very well be imprecise and estimated responses to mitigate impacts such as those of reduced liquidity and more. Another factor that significantly separates simulated trading from its actual counterpart is an underlying understanding solely made available through gauging situations after they have occurred. Such a condition does not exist when it comes to real-life instances, which is why simulations cannot be looked at as a valid representation. Hence, no depiction is being offered to imply that an account may or may not incur potential profits or losses equal and/or similar to the information contained within the website. If you choose to trade in futures or options, it is at your sole discretion.

Also, primarily because the financial risk is virtually absent in terms of hypothetical trading, drawing inferences between that and real trading are entirely unfounded. There are vast differences between the two, just as there are within different trading programs. Verily, simulated trading results do not take into account the impact of financial risk and, thus, do not accurately represent a situation where the effect undeniably exists without bounds. Moreover, fluctuating market conditions, time, speculation, and many other factors closely determine the outcome of a particular trading program. Just because one person or a specific account wins rewards or profits doesn’t mean another will perform the same. Likewise, if a specific account comes to bear exponential losses, that also does not mean another will also go through the same patterns. Trading in futures and options is affected by a multitude of elements that require close observation, many of which are removed from hypothetical cases. Consequently, none of what is shown qualifies as a representation of the performance results of an actual account.