Directional Forex Robot is a fully automated system that trends until the end. Apparently, the system loves large trades and focuses on big directional pip movements early so as to make profits from them. The vendor wants us to believe that the robot has made $50,072 so far this year for a live account it is operating.  

Forex Robot Trader is the vendor behind this system. The company was formed by Don Steinitz after spending thousands of hours studying Forex charts to see what made a winning trade. He eventually teamed up with a group of programmers, and they began developing automated trading tools. Odin, Vader, Waverunner, Hedge, Ganon, and Falcor are among the Forex robots the company has developed till now. 

Directional Forex Robot: characteristics

Directional is designed to trade on the MT4 charting software and work with 4 or 5 broker digit pricing automatically. Not only does the robot feature custom indicators and templates, but also comes with adjustable inputs like “applied price types” and “moving average modes.” All text and color objects are customizable as well. You can close out any trade manually without interrupting the system’s workings. Other features present in the EA include optional trailing stop capabilities and an automatic money management system. 

Currency pairs, strategy, & timeframe

Directional works on all Forex currencies and all timeframes. The robot’s trading strategy entails identifying large directional pip movements. It works with the Heiken Ashi Smoothed indicator and uses totally different algorithms to make buying and selling decisions. Directional waits for trends to form on several timeframes prior to instigating trades. Simply put, it initiates trades in the direction of underlying trends and remains there till the trends begin reversing. 

Directional Forex Robot trading performance

The robot’s backtest results are not presented. Developers normally use this test to check the viability of their strategy. So, the lack of backtest data may lead some traders to assume that the workability of the algorithm wasn’t proven. 

There are several live trading stats illustrating the month-to-month trading outcomes generated by this EA. Let’s have a look at what the data for February 2022 say.

Monthly trading stats.

We have a total balance of $3997898.29 that has accumulated all through the 14+ years the EA has purportedly traded in this market. Till now, a total net profit of $21173.30 has already been made. In the process, minimal trading risks are applied, given that the drawdown is less than 1%. 

The executed trades are 244. From the statement, it is apparent that the average profit trade ($148.83) is greater than the average loss trade (-$87.77) by a considerable amount. This suggests that the robot has a high winning streak. The profit factor is 4.76. 

How much does it cost?

Directional Forex Robot costs $49, down from $199. This pricing is cheap and hence makes the system accessible to many traders interested in trying hands-free trading. A money-back guarantee is not part of the offer. 

Reviews from customers

The EA lacks customer reviews. So, it’s hard to gauge if it’s profitable for traders in this market or not. 

Should you use Directional Forex Robot?

Fair pricingNo backtest data
Has customizable featuresUnsubstantiated live stats
Lacks customer reviews


The customizable features of the robot enable it to adapt to the preference of users. Also, it is possible to close out on any trade you wish without affecting the system’s workings. The vendor’s failure to use a verified site like Myfxbook is a big red flag. Furthermore, it is suspicious that the devs are selling a product that supposedly runs a million-dollar account for a few dollars.