Fabio Panetta indicated that the digital category of the euro might become a legal tender in the European region, according to a report by CryptoPotato by Sunday.

  • A report by Bloomberg revealed that the Italian economist and member at the ECB, Fabio Panetta provided a hint about the program during a panel engagement in Helsinki, Finland.
  • Panetta asserted that if the ECB continued with their its effort to unveil a digital currency, the new form of money will have possibility of becoming a legal tender in the EU.
  • Panetta further stated that authorities will comprehensively examine the efforts in the next two years.
  • Meanwhile, the Italian economist noted that achieving such a move is not easy and the ECB should be extremely cautious.

Last week, Panetta opposed the argument that the digital euro will only redundant as the ECB will target making its CBDC cost-effective and enhance its usability. EUR USD up +0.05%