As per the vendor claims, Darwin Evolution trades automatically without taking huge risks. The system has 8+ indicators and filters and works with 28 pairs simultaneously. This robot was created by Guillaume Duportal. He is a self-employed professional trader based in the United Arab Emirates. He has not developed any other system yet. 

Darwin Evolution: characteristics

The EA has several features, which are listed here:

  • The robot supports all brokers despite quotation, execution speed, fees, or spreads.
  • The vendor recommends you work with 5% risk, but you can also trade with 0.01 lots in the first weeks to comprehend the EA’s operation.
  • The minimum recommended capital is $200, while the minimum leverage is 1:30 or lower.
  • It applies risk capital management.
  • The system has an innovative news filter with disconnection schedules prior to and after the news, but also independent hours for major news like BCE, FOMC, and Fed. 
  • A specific news filter for nocturnal news is also available.

Currency pairs, strategy & timeframe

  • It works on the M1 timeframe.

Darwin Evolution is a scalper. This means that it aims to make profits from short price movements. The developer reminds us that the system is not a fast scalper, but doesn’t explain what this really means. The robot trades with low risks, thanks to the numerous indicators and protections systems incorporated, including trailing SL, indicator closure, SL, etc. The EA can remain on standby for over a week waiting for the perfect trading opportunity. It can also keep positions open for a number of days or weeks to maximize DD and profits.

Darwin Evolution trading performance

The vendor has provided us with the backtest results of the system but is not presented in the regular format we are used to. Furthermore, we cannot tell if the data is real or fake. See below what the results say: 

Backtest results.

The testing period is not indicated. Info on the currency pair, deposit, and timeframe used is missing as well. Moving on, the EA implemented a total of 285 trades. The long trades were 160, whereas the short ones were 125. The profitable trades were 89.12%, and overall, a total net profit of 518.61% was realized. There was a profit factor of 7.7 and a drawdown of 2.64%. Indeed, low-risk trading was involved.  

When it comes to the live trading results, the developer only furnishes us with a screenshot displaying the alleged performance of the EA. The data is not only unverified but also lacking in detail. 

Live trading stats.

As per the image above, the account was deposited at €5000, and within 20 weeks of trading, it only made a profit of €762.02. Out of all the trades executed, 91.5% were successful, and 8.5% led to losses. The maximum drawdown was 5.4% and indicates that the EA doesn’t trade dangerously. 

How much does it cost?

Darwin Evolution currently costs $999. A renting option is also available at $690. These two pricing options are expensive. Unfortunately, as you have seen in the previous section, the vendor does not provide us with verified results. So, we cannot gauge the real profitability of the system, and consequently, decide if it is worth the exorbitant pricing or not. A money-back guarantee is also missing. You cannot be refunded in case the system mismanages your money. 

Darwin Evolution’s pricing plans.

Reviews from customers

This EA has a 5-star rating on mql5. Obviously, traders love it. They say that the EA is good. Also, the developer is commended for being knowledgeable about trading and offering support. Unfortunately, these customers don’t tell us how the system performs. 

Customer feedback.

Should you use Darwin Evolution?

Supports numerous currency pairsPricey
Trades with low risksUnverified trading results are provided
Vendor transparency is not sufficient
Uses a strategy with low profitability


Darwin Evolution enables you to trade many currency pairs of your choice at the same time. Even better, it has several protection systems to ensure you don’t lose money unnecessarily. Sadly, the system is overpriced and being a scalper, we are afraid that it may generate small profits. It is also unsettling that the vendor is reluctant to trade with the system on a live account in Myfxbook or FXStat.