Dark Gold is an expert advisor that should help us with trading GBPUSD. The system has below average success among the MQL5 community. The presentation looks simple and not professional. 

Dark Gold: characteristics

The advisor has some details explained. For your comfort we have united them in the following list. 

  • It’s a pro that the system can execute orders automatically.
  • The main strategy is scalping in the trend direction. 
  • The system checks the Support and Resistance indicators before placing orders on the market. 
  • “If we Buy this Expert Advisor we can write a feedback at market and get Dark Support Resistance indicator (or a second EA) for Free, for More info we have to contact a developer.”
  • It follows the big trend moves. 
  • There’s a possibility to work with counter trend features. 
  • Following instructions from a user guide should help us with understanding the system. 
  • The settings can be customized as we want. 
  • We can work with an ECN account to decrease spreads. 
  • VPS can help us with execution speed. 
  • The leverage is completely up to us. 

Currency pairs, strategy & timeframe

  • The advisor works with two strategies: trend and counter trend. 
  • We are allowed to work with Gold, Bitcoin, EURUSD and GBPUSD. 
  • The time frames to work are M5, M15, and H1.

Dark Gold trading performance

We have no backtest reports provided. It’s a disadvantage because the robot should have been tested before being released. The final table would show us what results the system could achieve. 

Dark Gold trading results.

A real account is a pro for sure. The robot works on a ForexChief real account with 1:500 leverage. The maximum drawdown is 63.6%. It’s overkill for conservative accounts. Maximum deposit load is 35.2%. An average win rate is 67.2%. The absolute growth is 242%. An initial deposit was $100 only. It’s not big money to lose. The signal’s reliability is low.

Dark Gold details.

We may note that the trading frequency is high – 232 deals weekly. An average holding time is 10 hours. 

Dark Gold growth chart.

The growth chart was moderated because there were two months removed. 

Dark Gold closed orders.

The advisor uses quite aggressive Martingale to make even more profits or recover after losses. 

Dark Gold statistics.

The system has executed 1416 orders. The best trade is $111.41 when the worst trade is -$39.81. The recovery factor is 5.49 when the profit factor is 2.01. 

Dark Gold distribution process.

We don’t know why the system works with only GBPUSD. 

How much does it cost?

Dark Gold pricing details.

The price is still $49. The package includes a real account copy, an unlimited number of demo accounts. So, we can demo download the system to check its settings. There’s no subscription options because the price is already low.

Reviews from customers

Dark Gold testimonials.

The testimonials are opposite. We don’t know if they aren’t paid ones. 

The dev’s profile on MQL5.

Marco Solito is from Italy. His profile has a  159,358 rating. There are 30 products in the portfolio and only one signal. His products have a 4.6 rate based on 1301 testimonials. 

Should you use Dark Gold?

Trading results providedNo risk advice given
Affordable pricingNo settings explanations provided 
The robot trades with high risks and has a removed period of trading data
No relevant testimonials written


Dark Gold is a system that works with a trend strategy. The advisor doesn’t trade stable with affordable risks on a real account. The developers don’t care about it. The presentation has some testimonials that don’t look trustworthy.