Daimler Mobility enters into a partnership with Visa to provide “native” in-car payments, according to a report by Businesswire on Monday.

  • The deal means the vehicle itself will become a biometrically integrated payments device following Visa’s Delegated Authentication technology.
  • The partnership implies that entering passwords or using mobile devices for payment authentication might soon become a thing of the past.
  • Starting spring 2022 onwards, Mercedes-Benz customers in the UK and Germany will be able to make payments via a fingerprint sensor in the car.
  • Franz Reiner, Chief Executive Officer, Daimler Mobility stated that Mercedes pay is a core competence for in-car payment that provides customers around the world with digital services integrated with the Mercedes-Benz ecosystem.

In partnership with Visa, Daimler will target to provide a native in-car payment that meets the requirements of two-factor authentication in a secure and user-friendly way. V up +0.61%, Pre-market trading, DAI down -0.79%.