token CRO has attracted 41% more buys in the last two months, in a period that has seen crypto whales also add UMA and UNI tokens, according to Insights Santiment.

  • CRO, which powers the payment, has been recently boosted by news that it had bought an advertisement space during the American Super Bowl event in February.
  • Smart money crypto whales also added 2.3% more UMA tokens, capitalizing on the 53% drop in the last six weeks.
  • Uniswap, which has grown as a key decentralized project, has seen its token UNI attract 4.1% more additions in December alone.
  • The crypto whales have released 4.32% of tokens in lending and borrowing platform Aave. Synthetix’s SNX and Augur’s token REP have attracted 18.5% and 5% selloffs.

Crypto whales refer to individuals or institutions holding large amounts of the cryptocurrency to the extent that they can manipulate its price. CRO is up +1.54%, UMA is up +1.25%, UNI is up +3.59%.