reached a major milestone, surpassing over $1 trillion in cryptocurrencies transacted on their platform, according to a report released by on Monday.

  • The crypto exchange has handled close to 30% of all bitcoin network transactions since 2012, with the majority of transactions processed through Wallets over the last two years.
  • These figures do not reflect what was purchased and sold on the exchange but rather the real usage of cryptocurrencies.
  • Some of the doubters of the crypto exchange platform have become institutional clients, and they have integrated their business into the company’s technology, helping to boost trust with their customers.
  • The three main drivers behind the growth of are the more than 76M active wallets, the exponential growth of an institutional market business, and growth of brokerage and exchange units. remains a unique, thriving business backed by diverse sources of revenue, great products to meet consumer demand, and a dedicated team. BTC USD down -1.59%.