was hacked, leaving some customers counting losses between 2-5 ETH, according to a report by BeinCrypto on Tuesday.

  • A small percentage of the Crypto-customers had their accounts compromised. The company reported that no funds were compromised, but customers were taking to Twitter, reporting losses of ETH.
  • Ben Baller, a crypto enthusiast, and entrepreneur, alleges to have lost 4.25 ETH, an equivalent of $13,924. Baller emphasized that he had enabled two-factor authentication, indicating that the hack could have compromised the exchange’s security features.
  • After some investigation, Baller found out that within six hours, 5,000 ETH had disappeared from an ETH wallet, equivalent to almost $16M.
  • Dogecoin co-founder Billy Markus also reported “odd” activity on a Ethereum wallet. Numerous similar transfers of 2-5 ETH were channeled to new wallets. emphasized that no funds were compromised. The company advised users to sign back into their app and exchange accounts, and rest their two-factor authentication. CRO USD up +0.59%.