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What is Crypto.com and what is CRO coin?

Crypto.com is a payment trading and financial services company. It is the owner of Cronos Chain, an open-source blockchain that seeks to accelerate and enhance the adoption of cryptocurrencies in the mainstream sector. It also seeks to make online crypto payments easier, affordable, and accessible to the masses.

The open-source blockchain uses digital ledger technology to increase personal control over money while also safeguarding users’ data and identities. It also serves as the vehicle that powers the Crypto.com mobile payments app.

Crypto.com supports the trading, investing, and staking of cryptocurrencies. It also handles non-fungible tokens, among others. As an exchange, it handles over 250 currencies. The CRO blockchain offers utility to Crypto.com’s payment trading and financial services.

CRO is the native token that powers the Crypto.com blockchain network. The Ethereum-based token offers users access to numerous benefits in the ecosystem as part of the push to enhance adoption. For instance, the token facilitates the buying and selling of cryptocurrencies and currencies on the network. It also enables trading, lending, and borrowing.

The total number of CRO tokens that will ever be in supply is capped at 30 billion after 70 billion CRO tokens were burned. Currently, there are about 25.26 billion CRO tokens in supply from a total supply pool of 30.26 billion. With a total market cap of about $10.4 billion, the total value of CRO tokens locked in decentralized finance stands at $47.95 million.

Should I buy Crypto.com coin today: CRO market sentiment

CRO token is down by about 58% from its all-time highs near the $1 level. The deep pullback came at the backdrop of the broader cryptocurrency market correcting after a blockbuster move to all-time highs.

Chart showing CRO token bounce back

The downward pressure has lost momentum in recent weeks, signaling the corrective phase is over. CROUSD has resorted to making higher lows in the market, signaling a buildup in buying pressure. The Relative Strength Index indicator has also started moving up, affirming a buildup in momentum the upwards.

A breakout from a descending channel is the earliest indication that CRO is poised to break out and move up after months on the receiving end. The chart above clearly shows the coin remains well supported by the emerging channel inclined to the upside.

Consequently, CRO looks attractive at current valuation levels. The coin stabilizing above the $0.40 level should heighten the prospects of its bouncing back to all-time highs. Therefore it is an attractive buy on the risk-reward as it is trading at a great discount.

What is Crypto.com CRO price prediction for a year?

Crypto.com coin has been edging lower since late last year. After a 58% plus correction lower, the coin appears to have hit bottom and is poised for a bounce back. In recent weeks, the formation of higher lows suggests a buildup in buying pressure and bulls in control.

Chart showing CRO 2022 price prediction

According to the latest estimates and price forecast on Digitalcoinprice.com, CRO could average $0.55 and hit highs of $0.58 in 2022, representing a 40% plus gain from current levels. Analysts on Walletinvestor.com, on the other hand, expect the coin to hit a maximum price of $0.783 this year.

What is Crypto.com CRO price prediction for 2025?

Increased Crypto.com adoption in payments and crypto trading will be a catalyst fuelling significant CRO price appreciation. The prospect of the coin doubling in value is high amid the expected strong CRO demand.

Chart showing CRO 2025 price prediction

Consequently, the coin is expected to rise to a maximum price of $0.89 by 2025 and could average highs of $0.82, representing a 100% plus gain from current levels, according to Digitalcoinprice.com.

What is Crypto.com CRO price prediction for 2030?

CRO is even more bullish as a long-term play as cryptocurrency adoption in the mainstream sector continues to increase. Consequently, the prospect of the coin rising and finding support above the $1 psychological level is high.

Chart showing CRO 2030 price prediction

Immediate estimates and forecasts on digitalcoinprice.com indicate the coin could hit all-time highs of $2 a coin in 2030. The coin is also expected to average $1.93, representing a 370% plus gain from current levels. Analysts at WalletInvestor.com also expect the coin to average more than $2.36 a coin over the next five years.

Crypto.com CRO FAQ

Will Crypto.com coin appreciate in a year?

Yes, the prospects of CRO appreciating over the next year is high after bouncing back following a 58% correction from all-time highs.

How much will CRO be worth in 5 years?

The CRO token could be worth more than $2 a coin over the next five years, given the increasing use case of the Cronos Chain and strong CRO token demand.

Where do I buy CRO Token?

CRO token can be bought in multiple cryptocurrency exchanges, including Bittrex OKEx and Huobi Global.