Westminster Magistrate Court declared Uber “fit and proper” to continue operating in the capital, despite previous failings, according to BBC. Company will obtain a new license, a year after the Transport for London (TfL) declined application over safety issues. Uber’s system permitted unauthorized people to upload photographs to driver’s accounts, which enabled them pick passengers-TfL. 

  • Uber had been granted a 2-month license same time last year, but TfL rejected application due to breaches. 
  • Uber admitted, “It was not what we would do now. It was inadequate, we could have done better”- Jamie Heywood-Uber’s Regional Manager for Northern and Eastern Europe.
  • Uber had made efforts to address failings and improve standards, according to the Deputy Chief Magistrate
  • Deputy Chief Magistrate would decide on conditions to be imposed and length of the new license.

Court ruling resolves stalemate for about 45,000 Uber drivers who use the taxi app in London. UBER: NYSE premarket is up 5.63%