Control Forex alleges to have enlisted a team of experienced professionals to effectively manage funds for companies and individual investors in FX. The vendor says that they have verified live trading from as far as 2015, and 14102% profits have been earned across all their systems. These claims are false. From our analysis, it is evident that the earliest robot was activated in 2016. Furthermore, the combined profit from the different systems does not even exceed the 11000% mark. 

The experts behind this software are unknown. The “About Us” section on the system’s official website provides us with a brief description of the team. It is said that some of the professionals have been in the FX market since 2008. The team mainly focuses on creating trading systems, analyzing data and offering support to its clients daily. We are disappointed by the vendor’s failure to disclose more specific and pertinent details about themselves. So, we do not know if they are qualified enough to trade and if investors’ funds can be safe in their hands. 

Control Forex: characteristics

Control Forex manages money on Forex accounts on behalf of their clients. Therefore, if you want to get their services, you are advised to contact them to discuss details about account management. Upon agreeing to the company’s conditions, you will be required to open an account with your preferred MT4 broker and deposit the needed amount. You will then be asked to provide the vendor with access to this account because they will not have any other rights apart from trading. The last thing is to just monitor trading on your account in real time. 

Notable features of this firm’s trading systems are stated below:

  • Compatible with any MT4 broker
  • Fully automated
  • No fixed account management fees are charged
  • Stop loss is applied so as to minimize drawdowns
  • Traders are permitted to withdraw money from their accounts at any time
  • Can be customized to fit the needs of investors
  • Three different trading styles are available: the conservative approach carries a maximum risk of 3-4%, the medium one 15%, and the aggressive one 100%
  • Customer support is offered

Currency pairs, strategy & timeframe

The trading systems monitor over 25 currency pairs online. However, these symbols are not specified. The developers do not mention the trading strategies of their robots. This is inconsiderate on their part since traders depend on this kind of info to make investment decisions. Notably, our evaluation of one of the software’s trading history led us to realize that martingale and grid approaches are being utilized. The timeframe used is not known. 

Trading performance

It is quite unfortunate that the team boasts of having more than 12 years experience in FX and yet fails to display backtest results. It is impossible to gauge how well their products have been performing throughout those years before being released to the market. Therefore, we are forced to assume that they do not achieve good results.

Live trading results are present. Control Forex claims to have more than 10 verified live accounts managed by different trading systems. However, when we visited, we only found 6 accounts:

List of 6 accounts highlighted in the account portfolio of Control Forex.

We have analyzed statistics from the Endurance system as indicated below:

Account’s trading statistics chart managed by the Endurance EA.

The robot has been operating a real USD account under the FXOpen brokerage. It is run automatically on the MT4 platform. The account was open on February 12, 2018 and was deposited at $1,000. By August 2, the balance had grown to $12,477.63. A total profit of $11,352.37 has been made which is equal to a gain of 1135.65%. The daily and monthly profits currently stand at 0.20% and 6.19% respectively. Even though the drawdown rate of 18.57% is not very high, it still poses risks to the account. It could easily go up, reach and surpass the 20% mark, which is a dangerous zone. 

Table showing the system’s trading performance.

So far, a total of 188 trades have been performed. The win rate results of 77% for longs and 64% for shorts are quite poor. They indicate that the account is not that profitable. The pips are 2877.8. The average win of 52.55 pips is disturbingly lower than the average loss of -72.48 pips. Obviously, there is a higher likelihood of making losses with the system than profits. The profit factor is 2.33. The account has traded with 51 lots. This amount is rather high and heightens the risk of losses. 

Graph showing number of trades executed from Monday to Friday.

The robot made most trades on Friday closing 40 deals.

The account’s risk of ruin table.

The account is run with relatively moderate risks to the balance.

The robot’s monthly profits from January 2021 to July 2021.

The monthly profits are somewhat consistent.

Trading history of Control Forex.

The trading history shows us that the software trades on large time frames ranging anywhere between 1 hour to several days. The grid and martingale strategies are evident. The account increases lot sizes in attempts to recover losses. 

How much does it cost?

Control Forex charges commissions. The client is supposed to pay a performance fee of between 15% and 50% depending on investment size, chosen risk, and expected profit. The minimum investment amount is dependent on the user’s selected trading style, and can begin from $10,000-$50,000.

Performance fee rates of Control Forex.

Reviews from customers

There are no user testimonials for this company on popular websites like Trustpilot, Quora, and Forex Peace Army. If their systems are as good as they say, then customers would not shy away from commenting on their performance.

Should you use Control Forex?

Live trading results are availableVendor transparency is absent
Grid and Martingale on the board
No backtests revealed
Lack of customer feedback


You should not even contemplate using products provided by Control Forex. The vendor lies to us from the start. The lack of backtest results and vendor transparency are indications that they could even be hiding more. Worse still, they apply very risky trading strategies that can easily make you suffer immense losses should the market take a wrong trend.