The U.S Congress on Thursday approved states’ Electoral College results affirming Democrat Joe Biden’s victory, reports SCMP. A marathon sitting had to be convened after chaotic protests by Trump supporters who stormed the Capitol building on Wednesday in which four people died.

  • Republican protests came hours after Mike Pence said he would not flout his constitutional obligations and reject Electoral College votes during Congress’ certification of the presidential election result.
  • Trump criticized Pence for not doing enough to protect the country and constitution by allowing states to certify results, which he claims Biden invalidly won.
  • Following the protests, police placed the Capitol building under lockdown while the lawmakers were instructed to prepare gas masks following an indoor deployment of tear gas.
  • Legislators including Senator Mitt Romney, a Republican from Utah, blamed Trump for the protests.
  • Youtube, Facebook, and Twitter deleted Trump’s election disapproval video, citing false claims and concerns it could ignite violence.
  • Some Republicans have backed Trump’s claims while others state they will not vote to reject any of the results while the House flipped to Democrats control after twin Georgia wins.

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