Companies and developers are now preparing for disruptions to be brought about by Apple’s planned software updates, according to a report by The Wall Street Journal.

  • Social media platforms., gaming companies, and other providers are looking into measures such as updated payment models, new advertising techniques, and notifications for users.
  • Facebook Chief Executive Mark Zuckerberg said the move could strengthen his company’s own in-app retail channel by making it harder for advertisers to use their data.
  • Google Ads Group Product Manager Christophe Combette said the changes would reduce visibility into metrics.
  • A Tencent executive said the changes were causing uncertainty globallu, while video-sharing platform TikTok said it does not intend to use device fingerprinting.
  • Chinese social media apps have tested a possible workaround that involves creating an alternative advertising identified to track users without allowing an opt out of data collection. The identified uses a “device fingerprinting” technique that Apple already banned.
  • Apple in June announced plans for a software update to let users decide whether to allow apps to track them for targeted ads. This was scheduled to be rolled out in September, but was delayed further to 2021 to give more time for adjustment.