Web3 developer hub Coinbase Cloud adds several tools to support development on the Avalanche and smart contract site, according to a blog post by Coinbase on Tuesday.

  • Coinbase Cloud is operating on an Avalanche (AVAX) public validator node. The platform allows Avalanche network users to stake their AVAX tokens with Coinbase Cloud and delegate power for validating transactions on the blockchain.
  • Ethereum Virtual Machine (EVM) compatibility allows a network to capitalize on the security of the Ethereum network. Tokens on EVM compatible chains can be bridged seamlessly between each other.
  • AVAX integration with Coinbase wallet will also provide developers with the documentation needed to adopt applications on the Avalanche network. Coinbase Wallet added an extra layer for SOL last week.

Coinbase Cloud will improve the Transact and Query elements for its users. The feature enables developers to easily find, interact and study elements of the code that form the Avalanche network. AVAX USD up +0.14%