Chipotle Mexican Grill will on Saturday open the first digital-only restaurant, according to CNBC. Under the new restaurant design, customers have to order in advance on Chipotle’s app, website, or third-party delivery platform. The design is meant for urban areas with costly real estate and lack full-size restaurant space.

  • The digital-only restaurant does not include a dining room or a line for ordering but will accommodate large catering orders, having their own entry and lobby for pick up.
  • The coronavirus pandemic has played a role in Chipotle’s new design by accelerating the shift to online ordering.
  • Other restaurants such as Burger King and Shake Shack are also planning to add drive-thru lanes for delivery drivers or online orders, while Starbucks plans to build mobile pickup cafes.
  • Chipotle’s digital sales more than tripled in the third quarter, and the company expects digital orders to exceed $2.5 billion this year, more than double the previous year’s total

Chipotle’s stock opened 1.6% higher on Wednesday, adding to its 67% overall growth this year. CMG: NYSE is up 3.15%