China’s health authorities on Thursday approved a COVID-19 vaccine from state-owned Sinopharm for general use, according to the Guardian. The authorities said the vaccine had exceeded World Health Organization standards, and rollout would begin “soon” at a “significantly reduced cost.”

  • China will prioritize the vulnerable groups who have already been receiving vaccines under emergency approvals.
  • China is aiming for 60-70% vaccination coverage, which is expected to establish herd immunity.
  • The approval came after an announcement on Wednesday by Sinopharm that phase 3 trials had found its vaccine to be 79% effective.
  • Sinopharm has two vaccine candidates among China’s five experimental treatments in international final stage trials, and it is not clear which one is being discussed.
  • In September, UAE was the first country outside China to approve Sinopharm vaccine for emergency use and has since been made available in Bahrain and shipped to Egypt.

Sinopharm Holdings stock is currently gaining. 1099: HKG is up 3.40%