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What is Cardano, and what is ADA coin?

Cardano is an open-source blockchain project designed to be a more efficient alternative to proof of work networks. It came into being in 2015 as a brainchild of Charles Hoskinson and Jeremy Wood.

The third-generation blockchain project seeks to support the growing number of users and enhance interaction with other blockchains while remaining eco-friendly. It is often referred to as an ‘Ethereum killer’ as it is also a key player in the development of smart contracts and decentralized applications.

ADA is the native token that powers the Cardano blockchain. It acts as a medium of exchange through which transaction fees are settled. As governance token holders can vote on any changes to the network.

Just like other cryptocurrencies, ADA can be used to transfer value in a similar way to cash. The coin can also be staked to allow operators to verify transactions on the blockchain successfully.

A fixed monetary policy governs ADA. This means there will only ever be 45 billion ADA tokens. Currently, the circulating supply stands at 33,661,325,004 ADA, while the total supply is 34,162,713,384 ADA.

The total value of ADA tokens locked in decentralized finance platforms stands at about $100 million. With ADA priced at $0.95 a coin, its market value stands at about $32 billion. The total diluted market cap stands at $42.78 billion.

Should I buy Cardano coin today: ADA market sentiment

Cardano has taken a significant hit tanking by more than 60% over the past five months. The sell-off has come at the backdrop of the overall cryptocurrency market coming under pressure.

ADA token sell-off

ADA is currently trading below the 200 EMA, signaling a buildup in selling pressure. However, the coin has hit strong support below the descending channel signaling a potential bounce back. The Relative Strength Index indicator is also threatening to bounce back above the 50 level, signaling a potential bounce back.

A bounce back from one-year lows comes on the acknowledgment that Cardano is one of the fastest and most efficient blockchains. The blockchain and its native token ADA are helping create powerful decentralized applications, and the blockchain is becoming a key player in Decentralized Finance (DeFi).

The blockchain is attracting more developers and users in part because it can process about 250 transactions per second compared to just 30 for Ethereum. The introduction of an app store back that gives users access to vetted dApps is expected to boost Cardano blockchain use, a move expected to make the cryptocurrency even more valuable.

That said, the 60% plus pull back from record highs affirms ADA is trading at a great discount. Going by the string of positives on the Cardano blockchain, there is no doubt that the ADA token is a strong buy at a current level. Increased Cardano blockchain use should lead to significant ADA token appreciation.

What is Cardano ADA price prediction for a year?

While ADA has pulled down significantly from record highs above $3 a coin, it has what it takes to bounce back. Immediate estimates on Digitalcoinprice indicate that the token could bounce back above the $1 a coin level and average $1.03 for the year.

Chart showing ADA 2022 price prediction

The most ambitious estimates indicate that ADA token could rise to highs of $1.41 a coin this year. The $0.90 a coin level appears to be low enough that the coin could fall in 2022.

What is Cardano ADA price prediction for 2025?

Increased Cardano blockchain use should see ADA coins continue to appreciate in value heading into 2025. Consequently, the coin is expected to appreciate to highs of $2.37 and an average of $2.13 a coin by 2025.

Chart showing ADA 2025 price prediction

The coin is expected to average $2 a coin in 2025. Some predictions also indicate that the coin could reach $3 a coin. The most ambitious estimates show ADA could be worth $9.8 a coin by 2025.

What is Cardano ADA price prediction for 2030?

While long-term investment is hard to predict, Cardano’s prospects look increasingly bright. Its blockchain adaptability and use should see it attract more users and more developers. Consequently, the coin is expected to appreciate significantly.

Chart showing ADA 2030 price prediction

Estimates on Digitalcoinprice indicate the ADA coin could rally to record highs of $4.56 a coin by 2030. The most ambitious prediction indicates that the coin could rise and reach record highs of $15 a coin by 2030.

Cardano ADA FAQ

Will Cardano ADA appreciate in a year?

Yes. The prospects of Cardano appreciating are high given the high volatility associated with the coin. Increased Cardano blockchain usage on smart contracts and dApps should also lead to ADA token appreciation.

How much will Cardano be worth in 5 years?

ADA token could be worth more than $3 a coin as Cardano blockchain has a lot of things going for it.

Where do I buy Cardano Token?

Cardano, the 9th  largest cryptocurrency, can be bought in all major cryptocurrency exchanges, including Coinbase, Binance Kraken, etc.