Input Output Global is gearing to roll out a converter that will allow users to swap Ethereum tokens to Cardano-based tokens, The Daily HODL reported.

  • With the converter, users will be able to migrate their ERC20 tokens to the Cardano network and vice versa.
  • Users of Ethereum tokens will benefit from Cardano’s transaction capacity and lower fees. 
  • The service will offer enhanced security, reduced cost, and interoperability.
  • The converter will initially support the artificial intelligence network SingularityNET (AGI).
  • With the pilot testnet, users will be able to assess the migration process while working with AGIX tokens in both Cardano and Ethereum Kovan testnets.
  • A dedicated testnet is set to be rolled out soon, but a definite timetable was not given.

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ADA/USD  -17.45%