Cannabis firms Zip Run and AeroPay have partnered to roll out a seamless delivery and pickup service, according to Benzinga.

  • AeroPay will take charge of the payment services, which will allow consumers to pay their orders directly to companies fulfilling their orders.
  • AeroPay’s application programming interface manages bank-to-bank transactions that link businesses and consumers.
  • Zip Run will host the platform and will be in charge of deliveries under its licensed courier service.
  • The partnership also allows Zip Run to sell and have products delivered from its own warehouses.  Under its license, the company is allowed to buy from cultivators and wholesalers and offer these to end consumers.
  • Zip Run Chief Executive Officer and co-founder Gabe Viera said the company tapped AeroPay for the “quality and flexibility” of its API-first platform.
  • The service will be piloted in Massachusetts and will be rolled out in other states in the next months.