Cairo 2021 Characteristics

Cairo 2021 is a trading advisor that was released in the middle of January 2021. Since then, it has received many updates to the 1.43 version. The last one was on February 15, 2021. The advisor was activated eight times and downloaded for demo purposes 2712 times.

Cairo: Characteristics

There’s just a single page of explanations that isn’t enough to understand what the system is up to:

  • Cairo 2021 can trade fully automatically for us.
  • The robot was well-tested based on the broker’s tick data.
  • The data period was five years.
  • The robot can be attached to any time frame and still works correctly.
  • The system is a low frequency trading solution.
  • The advisor focuses on closing deals on the same day.
  • We have no risky strategies applied to the advisor.
Cairo 2021. The developer promotes VantageFX as a broker.
  • The developer promotes VantageFX as a broker.
  • We will receive both versions of the EA: MT4 and MT5.
  • The robot sets Stop Loss and Take Profit levels to protect open orders.
  • We can trade with dynamic or fixed lot sizes.
  • The system doesn’t open many orders at the same time on the market.
Cairo 2021. There’s a list of settings that we can change
  • There’s a list of settings that we can change, so the EA fits our trading style.

Currency Pairs, Strategy & Timeframe

  • We don’t know what the strategies are behind the system.
  • The system trades the EUR/USD currency pair.
  • According to a backtest, it trades on the M1 time frame.

Cairo Trading Performance

Cairo 2021 Backtests

We have a report that has 100% of the history quality. The lot size was 0.2 lots per $1000 balance. Stop Loss was 75 pips when Take Profit was six pips. The max spread was 100 pips. 

Cairo 2021 Backtests

The initial deposit was $500. It has become $111,029.60 of the total net profit. The Profit Factor was 203.31. The maximum drawdown was 0.56% only. The recovery factor was 11.33. There have been 540 deals traded. The win rate was 100% for Short and 99.67% for Longs.

Cairo 2021 trading results

After Paris 2021 results were removed because of a scam, we have only Cairo 2021. As we can see from the chart, the system can blow the account easily. The initial deposit was $100.00. The Profit is only $1.30. The win rate is 92.7%. The maximum drawdown is 48.2%. 

Cairo 2021 trading results

The trading activity is 36.17%. An average holding time is six hours. The robot has been trading for 14 weeks in a row.

Cairo 2021 trading results

The far we go, the worse results we have.

Cairo 2021 drawdown

Drawdowns are consistent and unhealthy.

Cairo 2021 trading results

It looks like the system started losing deals more frequently than usual.

Cairo 2021 trading results

Cairo 2021 has traded 41 deals with a 92.68% accuracy rate. The best trade is $4.27 when the worst trade is -$30.35. The maximum deposit load is 81.42%. An average trade frequency tree deals a week. The Recovery Factor is 0.02. The Profit Factor is 1.01. An average win is $2.56 when an average loss is -$31.96. That difference is dangerous.

Cairo 2021 distribution

As we mentioned before, the advisor works with EUR/USD only.

Cairo 2021. The advisor doesn’t work smoothly and predictably.

The advisor doesn’t work smoothly and predictably.

How much does it cost?

Cairo 2021 price

There are still two copies that weren’t sold. 

Cairo 2021 price

Cairo 2021 is available for $399 for a lifetime real account license. The one-month rental option costs crazy and scam-like money – $249 monthly. One-month rent costs 20% or 30% of the total price, not more.

Reviews from customers

Cairo 2021 Reviews from customers

Cairo 2021 is going to repeat Paris 2021’s results. Cairo could be the second advisor from the developer that zeroed an account. The last comments showed that people didn’t like EA’s performance in May 2021.

Should You Use Cairo?

Backtest reports providedNo strategy explanations provided
Real-account trading results providedNo risk advice given
Affodable pricingHigh-risk trading
Insanely deep Stop Losses compared with Take Profits
Cairo 2021 started losing much more than it can be acceptable
No money-back-guarantee provided
Much negative feedback from real clients


Cairo 2021 trades with insanely high risks because, in order to recover after one loss, the system has to win 17-18 deals in a row. The last trading results showed that it’s impossible. The system should be updated, and the price should be decreased twice. Now, the best we can do is to avoid this system.