Does Cabex Robot still work?

Welcome back, the community! We’ve analyzed the Cabex robot for you. The robot has been designed in 2013, after that, there was a 2-years test period. So, the robot is online during the last five years, but how good is it? The robot, how we can see, has got the 3rd version of itself and offer us to trade the GBP/USD currency pair like “never before”.

Cabex performs price action trading near the moving average. The robot doesn’t use grid and/or martingale systems and it completely compatibles with NFA/FIFO verified brokerage companies.

The forex robot provides 40-60% of the annual gain if an offered risk level. The max drawdown should not be higher than 22% (1000 pips). The system provides also a money-management system with stop-loss and take-profit features. The average win-rate is about 50%, the average loss size is 70 pips, win size is 100 pips. It works on the H1 time frame. Protective stop level usually sets at 120 pips, hidden one at 60 pips, take profit at 500 pips.

Strategy and backtests

That how the devs explain why GBP/USD and how to work with it. “The GBPUSD currency pair involves chaotic price movements, very sharp and unexpected spikes. These are features that are very suitable to employ short term trading strategy that can be very rewarding. The UK economy is the second largest after Germany in the Eurozone. But the pound accounts for less than 15% of daily global trading volume due to which the liquidity on GBPUSD tends to be much lower when compared to EURUSD. This lack of liquidity fuels short term price spikes that make technical levels fail. The price action involves false breakouts, fund movement to clear out stops/pending orders prior to the real deal moves,” they explained.

There’s also provided explanations about what index GBP is sensitive “In addition to the normal high range noise, the GBP/USD pair is also greatly affected by major US economic data. Volatility on the GBP/USD pair is very abrupt and vicious. The Pound is highly sensitive to rate decision of the Bank of England and other economic factors that affect the GBP/USD pair like the British Consortium shop price index (BRC), retail sales, trade balance, Bank of England MPC minutes and the behemoth interest rate decision by the Bank of England. The price movements are huge and the noise makes it very difficult to design automated systems that can survive this pair.”

Cabex Robot backtests

Myfxbook strategy reporter shows the backtest data. So, we’ve got 1667% of the 6-years gain. Monthly gain is an average and equaled 3.87%. The max drawdown is quite high for this gain and equaled 22.88%. During 6 years the robot traded just 762 trades with 13263 pips. The average win-rate is low and equaled 49-50%. The profit factor is not high enough as well and equaled 1.37. The average loss (-$1178) is wise low than the win ($1623).

Cabex Robot drawdown

How we can see, after drawdowns like that there’s a big period of recovering the account.

Cabex Robot strategies tester report

It’s a cut version ob backtest with hand-written parameters of testing (Max_Allocation_Per_Trade=6; Fixed_LotSize=0.1; Protective_TP=500; Protective_SL=120; TP=300; SL=60; TL1=50; TSL1=0; TL2=100; TSL2=50; TL3=150; TSL3=100; TL4=200; TSL4=150; TL5=250; TSL5=200 (and all other custom parameters – unchanged)).

Cabex EA trading performance

Cabex Robot Myfxbook

The devs provided a real EUR account with almost no transparency. Cabex trades through Darwinex, with 1:200 leverage on the MetaTrader 4 platform. The monthly gain is 0.8% and the max drawdown is 50.48%.

Cabex Robot advanced statistics During 5 years, the robot traded just 440 deals with 3286 pips (less than 10 pips on a deal). The average loss (-66.85 pips) is lower than the number of pips in the average win (86.67 pips). Win-rate is between 45% and 51%. The profit factor is almost garbage and equaled 1.10.

Cabex Robot statisticsCabex trades all day.

Cabex Robot statistics The robot trade with insane risk, so, the account balance will be burn soon.

Cabex Robot monthly gain Cabex Robot monthly gain

Does anyone see offered “40-60% of the annual gain” with the default settings?

The offer

Cabex Robot offer Cabex sells in two packages. The annual license costs $540/year. Buying it, we’ll receive two real accounts, 2 demo accounts. The second package costs $1450/3 years.

Devs provide no refund policy at all.

Wrapping up


  • Well explained strategy
  • NFA/FIFO allowed
  • 3rd part verified trading results


  • Horrible trading results
  • 50% the max drawdown
  • Less than 1% of the monthly gain
  • Extremely low win-rate
  • Extremely low “profit factor”
  • During the last three years, the robot has lost half of the account
  • Trading with the madness risk level
  • 40-60% of the annual gain is a lie
  • Extremely high price
  • No refund policy

The robot is garbage. It completely doesn’t deserve our attention and, especially, money. Instead of the offered 40-60% annual gain we’ve got 65% of the gain during the last five years, where the last three years Cabex slowly but surely halved the account. A cherry on the top has been not offering any refund policy. So, we don’t know what devs think about Cabex performance, but selling the robot with the profit factor 1.1 for $540/year means that they treat us like morons. The final thought is to “avoid”.