C3.ai, Inc has created a new five-year production-other transaction agreement with the US Department of Defense (DoD), according to a press release by C3.ai on Thursday.

  • The agreement enhances an accelerated schedule to obtain C3 AI’s suite of Enterprise AI solutions and allows any DoD agency to purchase C3 AI products and services for modeling and simulation.
  • The improvement of the DOD’s enterprise AI capabilities is important in developing and integrating systems to counter capable threats.
  • C3 AI’s software improves DoD to address extra use cases and scale up AI applications across the divisions of the US DoD.
  • Thomas M. Siebel CEO of C3 AI stated that the new deal has a DoD-wide scope, promoting research projects in simulation and modeling and production deployments for operations.

The deal accelerates the integration of the C3 AI Suite and C3 AI defense and intelligence programs like those being used at US Air Force, RSO, DISA, F35, and Space Command. AI up +17.70%, Pre-market trading