The buyer of the $69-million non-fungible token (NFT) by digital artist Beeple says he was prepared to pay higher, according to a report by CNBC.

  • Vignesh Sundaresan, also known as MetaKovan, said he has no regrets paying for the NFT as it will be seen by history as the starting point of a new age of digital art.
  • Sundaresan did not elaborate on his ceiling price for the NFT but said it was higher than the $69.3 million he paid as he knew the auction would be competitive.
  • “We did have a higher limit… I was very motivated and ready to go beyond even what we paid for it,” he said.
  • Sundaresan said he had no plans to sell the NFT, but he could find ways to monetize the piece by either offering pieces of it or by displaying it in a virtual museum.
  • He declined to say how much he’s worth on paper since it depends on the crypto market, as he has been investing in cryptocurrencies and crypto companies since 2013.