Beer maker Budweiser Brewing Co. APAC Ltd. has inked a $500-million sustainability-based loan, which would be one of the most significant agreements of its sort in the region, Bloomberg reported.

  • The agreement is Budweiser APAC’s first SLL. It was inked with a group of banks led by the Bank of China Ltd., with interest rates based partly on environmental, social, and government targets.
  • Lower rates could be imposed should Budweiser meet the key requirements involving green energy, carbon emissions, water efficiency, and packaging, based on a third-party audit on its performance.
  • Budweiser is expected to zero in on water efficiency, which is the most difficult issue to tackle. Operations of the company in India are located in high-risk water areas. 

The largest loan in the region in recent years is Mitr Phl Sugar Corp.’s $170-million agreement in 2017. 1876 is up 1.69%.