Broker Profit is one such forex EA that claims to produce consistent income for its users irrespective of the market conditions. Broker Profit is a smart forex trading product that may prove to be useful to those who rely on automated trading forex robots to increase their earnings with little or no effort.

How Broker Profit EA Works

After scrutinizing the official website of Broker Profit, it can be said that although the team claims plenty of gains for the users, all such claims are not backed by trading results, trading strategy and other details.

Pairs and Timeframe

Broker Profit supports the following currency trading pairs:

AUDJPY, AUDUSD, EURAUD, EURCHF, EURJPY, EURUSD, GBPUSD, NZDJPY, NZDUSD, USDCAD, USDJPY, USDCHF. As per time the timeframe, Broker Profit allows users to choose any timeframe.


Broker Profit is priced at around $297 due to the same reasons. Users paying this amount get a detailed manual, 24/7 customer support, lifetime access to the software and a singular license for a live/demo account. There are two other lifelong licenses available which are:

  • Basic license costs a trader $170 and includes a real and a demo account and all the benefits of automated trading with free upgrades and support.
  • Standard lifelong license is priced at $229 and includes 3 real accounts and 3 demo accounts with all the other features provided in the basic one.


Settings and parameters can be customized as per the requirements of the trader at any point. According to their website, users have full control over risk settings, and other trading activities via the parameters in the receiver EA.

Demo Account

Buying any one of the lifelong licenses guarantees the keeping of demo accounts and using them to gain skills, profits and trading experience.

Broker Profit EA Results

According to the test results provided on the official website by Broker Profit, the current account shows 164% gains in approximately 2 months after making 15.2 trades per day and acquiring a 70%-win rate. These aggressive results are enough to make any trader expect fast gain and ignore the sample size of the performance that requires a second look.

Backtesting and Trading Results

Although the official site states that it shares the features and the real account to prove the performance of Broker Profit software, but what it provides its users is a single FX Blue account for its trading performance promotion. There’s a bit of discrepancy in the trading results which covers a time span of 71 days only.

broker profit results

For a product that the company released back in the year of 2017, the sample size falls a bit short and requires attention. Furthermore, there are no results available which date back to 2017.


  • The concept behind Broker Profit is far too simple to be functional.
  • The website does not justify the claims which makes the vendor’s worth far less than agreeable.
  • It also lacks significant details such as the company’s location and any information regarding the history of Broker Profit in the forex market.
  • The only ‘support’ the team provides is an email address for interested parties to contact and make all inquiries they wish to make regarding the legality of their service.


It’s clear after reviewing Broker Profit, that although it seems to be working for its users, there are far too many errors and loopholes. Lack of effort in their trading strategy makes it a dubious and costly forex EA for usage.