Trading is one of the most lucrative professions in today’s world. Thousands of retail traders are joining the online trading community only to make their life better. Even the hardcore programmers are participating in this business only to automate the trading process. And their active contribution has made the trading process much easier.

For instance, you can use the smart forex EA (Expert Advisor) to automate the trading process. But the use of one EA might not be enough to ensure the profit factors at trading. At times you need to use more than one EA. And to ensure the profit potential, you must know the perfect way to bridge the EAs in the trading system.

Understanding the concept of bridging EAs

In simple terms, we can refer to the process by which two EAs become uniquely connected to each other. Though they will have different source code some of the functions of the EA will be closely related to each other. For better understanding, we are going to cite a simple example. Let’s say, you have an EA that can pin out the perfect support and resistance level.

Bridging two EAs to in the MT4 platform

You can connect your EA with an alert system that can create push notification as soon as the market hits a certain level. This is just a simple example of how two EAs can work on the same platform and create favorable trading opportunities. But the bridging process is much more complex and you have relied on some key parameters. Let’s find out some of the essential factors you must focus on while creating the bridge between two EAs.

Source code and the platform

First of all, if you are intending to connect two EAs installed in two different types of platforms, you should consider the difference in source code. Chances are very high the programming language for both EAs will not be the same. The professional developers usually rely on API to connect two different EAs having a different platform and source code. But things become less complicated when the EAs are connected on the same platform.

Connecting two EAs in the same platform requires minor modification of the codes. During the adjustment process, chances are very high that new bugs will be created in one or both EAs. And if you bridge more than two EAs, the final result requires an extreme level of testing. So, having a strong bride between the EAs is not enough. You have to find the bugs and fix the issues so that you don’t have to lose any real money at trading.

Use accessibility

In most cases, the connect EAs don’t have any input parameters. Even if it does, chances are high the function of one EA will not be done properly due to minor adjustments in the settings of one specific EA. In short, the synchronization between the two EAs might get compromised. Usually, it requires skilled programmers to solve such issues. Those who are thinking to eliminate the user interference from the EAs can solve the issue within a blink of an eye but it can limit the trade execution process to a great extent.

Use accessibility

For an instant, the traders wouldn’t have any control over their trading strategy. Basically, the EAs will be in the driving seat and you lose the control to manage the profit potentials at the complex market condition.

The connection between the two accounts

At times the EAs work like a charm in the copy trading service. Usually, two different kinds of EAs are used to create the junction between the signal provider and the traders. As soon as the traders are executed in the signal provider account, the same trade is copied to the subscriber account. Though it’s a very simple process the latency of the execution of the trade might create a huge deviation in the trading results.

Bridging two EAs to in the MT4 platform

Let’s say the signal service provider relies on the scalping method. So, if the traders are copied to your trading account with a 4-second delay, chances are high that you will not get the accurate price. Due to faulty pricing, the risk to reward ratio of the trade setups will be ruined and you might have to lose your entire trading capital in the long run.

So, how do we solve this issue?

In most cases, the latency issue is solved by using a VPN. But the source code of the EAs needs to be pin perfect in order to establish a strong bridge. For this reason, the professional signal service providers always develop their EAs by using the top programmers in the world. To them, time is money.


Connecting two or more EAs is a very simple task for the skilled people. But in the hands of inexperienced people, it can become your nightmare. So, be very careful when you start bridging the EAs to make your trading life easier.