The 2020 Boeing Market Outlook (BMO) forecasts aerospace markets to continue facing significant challenges due to pandemic, but global defense and government services markets stable, according to press release. Company expects a total market value of $8.5 trillion in the next decade, down from $8.7 trillion prior forecasts. 

  • Boeing expects aerospace and defense to overcome near-term challenges and return to stability
  • Commercial fleet forecasted to return to a growth trend, generating demand for more than 43,000 new airplanes in the 20-year forecast time period.
  • BMO projects a $2.6 trillion market opportunity for defense and space in the next decade
  • Company forecasts a $3 trillion market opportunity for commercial and government services through 2029.
  • Airlines have begun recovering from a greater than 90% passenger traffic and revenue fall early this year, but full recovery will take years.
  • BMO includes projected demand for 18,350 commercial airplanes in the next decade, an 11% decline from the comparable 2019 forecast valued approximately $2.9 trillion.

Boeing stock is declining on market outlook as other airlines gain. BA: NYSE is down 3.40%, AAL: NASDAQ is up 1.56%, UAL: NASDAQ is up 1.56, DAL: NYSE is up 1.06%