Bober Lannister is a system that can help us with executing orders on our terminal. The presentation explains only the system’s settings and other general information. It’s time to figure out what changes we have that let the system work better.

Bober Lannister: characteristics

The presentation includes some information about how the robot works and what we should do to customize everything right.

  • The trading advisor can execute orders completely automatically for us. 
  • We may do nothing in addition to be profitable.
  • It opens orders on the MT5 terminal.
  • We can purchase the MT4 version of the system either.
  • It doesn’t work with risk strategies.
  • There’s no Martingale on the board. 
  • We have a standard risk management feature applied.
  • The system manages calculating and placing proper SL and TP levels.
  • The advisor received various tests to be sure it’s a safe solution.
  • It can only be obtained from MQL5. 
  • The owner will increase pricing until $1200.
  • We can work with any broker that we want.
  • There’s protection from high spreads and high slippages.
  • We have to work on the account with low commission.
  • The leverage can be from 1:30, 1:100 to up to 1:500.
  • The system was perfectly customized for trading on GBPUSD.
  • It has modes behind the system.
  • The deposit should be from $100.

Currency pairs, strategy & timeframe

  • There are no details provided about the trading strategy.
  • We can work with EURCHF, GBPUSD, EURNZD, CHFJPY, and EURAUD.
  • There’s no mention of the time frame. 

Bober Lannister trading performance

Bober Lannister backtest report.

We have a test with only two symbols. Didn’t the rest be tested? We don’t know. The historical data was 94%. An initial deposit was $10,000. It has become $1,916,908 of the total net profit. The profit factor was only 1.58 while the recovery factor was 13.20. Bober Lannister has closed 4953 deals with 62% of the accuracy for shorts and 68% for longs. 

Bober Lannister trading results on MQL5.

The system has been opening trades on a real IC MarketsSC account. The leverage is common–1:500. The maximum drawdown is 37.8% when maximum deposit load is 29.2%. The accuracy of trading activities is 65.3%. The advisor exists on the market for 50 weeks. A total growth is 109.97%. 

Bober Lannister details.

An average trade frequency is 59 deals closed every week. An average trade length is 7 hours. We have only one subscriber.

Bober Lannister growth chart.

The system loses a month from time to time. So, we can’t rely on a stable performance.

Bober Lannister trading results.

The robot works with insanely deep SL levels compared to the TP levels.

Bober Lannister statistics.

Bober Lannister executed 3,200 orders in total. The best trade is $9.04 when the worst trade is -$49.18. The win rate is 1.17 when the recovery factor is 1.13. These numbers don’t look promising. An average monthly growth is -15.93%. 

Bober Lannister distribution.

EURCAD with 1070 orders executed is still ahead in trading activities.

People testimonials on MQL5.

Former subscribers aren’t satisfied with the results.

How much does it cost?

Pricing details on MQL5.

The robot is available for $499 for a single real account copy. There are no rental options available. We can download a demo copy of the robot to give it a demo try and execute some tests on our terminal.

Reviews from customers

People testimonials on MQL5.

There’s a negative testimonial that matches perfectly what exactly we have seen in trading results.

The dev’s profile on MQL5.

Arnold Bobrinskii is a person that stands behind this EA. He is from Russia and has an average rate of 9068. He has only four products in his portfolio. There are four signal accounts with 17 subscribers on it. 

Should you use Bober Lannister?

A backtest report providedNo strategy details explained
Trading results revealedNo risk advice given
No settings details shown
No money-management info shared
Unpredictable trading results
No rental options provided
Negative testimonials written


Bober Lannister is a system that provides us with the possibility to work on the Forex market. Alas, the robot works unpredictably and can’t convince us that our account is safe. Most likely, the developer will update it. So, we have to wait for this moment.