BMW reported nearly tripled its pre-tax earnings to 16B euros in 2021 on higher pricing and strong sales of top-end vehicles, according to a news release by BMW on Thursday.

  • Group revenues jumped 12.45 from a year ago to 111 billion euros, with net profit surging to a record high of 12.46 billion. 
  • The luxury carmaker is set to propose a dividend of 5.8 euros per share, an increase from last year’s 1.9 euros.
  • BMW, Mini, and Rolls-Royce deliveries plummeted by 14.2% in Q4 due to semiconductor bottlenecks, with the rising cost of raw materials also hurting earnings.
  • Quarterly net profit for the group stood at 2.25 billion euros 30% higher than last year but slightly below Q3’s profits of 2.58 billion euros.

BMW reported higher unit sales than any other luxury carmaker in 2021, recording deliveries of 2.5 million cars even as semiconductor shortages hampered output. BMW down -6.96%.